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Our company makes your efforts to recycle easier and more convenient than ever. We offer our services to homes, businesses, and municipalities. Valley Paper Recycling handles all your cardboard and paper recycling, from boxes to old books, we'll take it. For more information check out our other pages for residential, business and municipal services and call us to see how we can help you.

Recycling can help you save money and earn money. We can offer a free on-site consultation to businesses to show them how and where they can save money. We also give tips to homeowners on things they can do around the house that will help save more money.

At Valley Paper Recycling we strive to offer you easy and convenient cardboard and paper recycling opportunities. Whether you are a local resident or a large business that wants to recycle, we can accommodate your every need.

Contact us today to find out how easy it can be to help save the environment by recycling!!!


  • If all of our newspapers were recycled, we could save about 250 million trees every year.

  • Paper and Cardboard are the most common waste material, creating 34% of the total waste each year.

  • Unlike the waste management industry, recycling adds value to materials, contributing to a growing labor force.

  • In 2005, recycling was projected to avoid 48 million metric tons of carbon emissions (MTCE), this is the equivalent of taking 36 million cars off the road for one year.

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